Vøringfossen, Norway - a majestic waterfall

Just as amazing as the waterfall itself is the mountain block its falling from. It's like a fairytail, huge, impressive and romantic at the same time.

The waterfall Vøringsfossen has a free fall of 145 metres. You can either see it from the road or walk 30 minutes in to it - we didn't but they say it's worth it. Vøringsfossen is placed on the beautiful Hardangervidda (the road from eastern to western Norway) and the also very romantic Måbødalen. In other words - one of those road trips worth taking in Norway. We drove from Hemsedal to Eidsfjorden and then back to Hemsedal via Voss and Flåm. That's a lot of Norwegian beauty. Stop at Eidsfjord Gjestegiveri to eat some pancakes after taking in the sight of the waterfall. 

We even got a bonus rainbow when there!