Autumn magic in Urke, Hjørundfjorden

I visited home sweet home Urke in Hjørundfjorden last weekend. It was autumn magic and Norwegian fjords and mountains at it's very best. Hiking, a boat trip on the fjord, some more hiking, waffles at Urke Kaihus and just enjoying the beauty. The recipe of a perfect weekend!

The hikes went to Gapahuken Bentebu, Leknesnakken and Haukåssætra. Short hikes with amazing views! The Hurigruten was also there, the people adding an international touch to this amazing fjord village.

I'll let the pictures tell you the rest of the story. 


Powder paradise at Strandafjellet, western Norway

At Strandafjellet ski resort you get some of the best off piste possibilities in Scandinavia and the best fjord view. With 7 lifts and 17 downhill slopes and ski touring options all around, Strandafjellet is one of the most magnificent skiing resorts in Norway and Scandinavia. You actually ski in the Norwegian alps - Sunnmørsalpane.

I visited one day during this easter and even though I wasn't that early there where plenty of untouched powder areas to be the first one down. And make sure you eat your lunch there, this is the view you get: 


Ski touring to Blæja, Sunnmørsalpene (Norway)

The beautiful mountains of Sunnmøre and particular the mountains around the fjord “Hjørundfjord” are called “Sunnmørsalpene”, the Alps of Sunnmøre. There are few other places in Norway that can offer such a dramatic nature as Sunnmøre. Snow clad summits with steep mountainsides that fall into the deep fjords. 

I was lucky enough to grow up in a small village Urke by Hjørundfjorden so going home for easter and skiing is the obvious choice. This easters best tour was to the mountain Blæja (1420 masl). A great tour that is not to difficult and gives great views towards Hjørundfjorden. 

We started from Villa Norangdal and the tour took about 4 hours. Not to steep, but you do get a workout and skiing down in powder from the day before was just amazing. Also a great trip in summer time. 

The view from the top towards Hjørundfjorden.

Travelling and home sweet home

One of the effects of travelling is the fact that I appreciate so much more what I have back home. I love exploring new countries, understanding other cultures, seeing new things and meeting new people. But it also makes me understand how lucky I am, what I have where I live.

Off course growing up and living in Norway is pretty good because it's a democratic and wealthy country with benefits others can just dream about. But what I appreciate the most is the beautiful nature we have. I live in Oslo and today I have been walking in the nature (Østmarka) for hours and I started just outside my own door. The closeness to the nature is great about Oslo.

But even more I love the place where I grew up (Urke in Ørsta, Sunnmøre), one of the most beautiful places in Norway, between mountains and fjords. I actually had to move away to understand how beautiful it is and I understand it even more after travelling.

I was standing on a mountain top in Peru (4000 meters above the sea, the highest I have ever been), and the local guide proudly asks me; Isn't this the most beautiful view ever? I didn't know what to say, because it was truly beautiful, but I have seen something even more amazing, at home sweet home.

I'm so grateful that I can travel the world, learning about the world and seeing new places the way I do, but I will always love home sweet home the most.

This picture is from the mountain Saksa in Urke, I grew up in the village you see at the foot of the mountain.

My sanctuary

My sanctuary