Jewelry as souvenirs

What is smart to buy as souvenirs? What is smart to buy where? My friend Line buys jewelry and has written this blog post with some great advice about it:  

To bring home souvenirs from travels is something a lot of us do. But what we buy may wary. - I buy jewelry.

So why jewelry? Well, knick knacks aren't really my thing, I'm not all that into fridge magnets, my walls can only take so many drawings and paintings, and food and spices will eventually disappear. But jewelry are wearable memories and don't take up too much space, it's perfect!

It started very random, but it has now become more or less a regular thing for me when I travel. When I go somewhere I'll be on the lookout for pieces of jewelry to get. It often helps to have a general idea of types of pieces I would like to have, like a silver pendant or earrings with a specific shape, and look for those specifically.

Just going into a "normal" jewelry or bijouterie store won't do though, at least not as a rule. It ought to be a little more of a special place. Museum stores are great, and be on the lookout at street markets and fairs. Smaller towns or old towns often have quaint little stores with jewelry, but bigger touristy stores can  sometimes have a good selection of nice pieces too.

Mostly I try to get hold of more or less quality jewelry, but some cheep stuff also find it's way into my jewelry box. Some of the pieces are my absolute favorites and I wear them a lot, remembering the trips I was on when I bought them: Perusing the Portobello road market where I got some silver heart shaped earrings. A scarab beetle gold necklace from a Nile cruise boat. Wild Bills Western Store in Dallas old town where I got some turquoise earrings. The silver pendant with gemstones from that street market in Bordeaux last year, and the silver ring I wear every day that I got on the same trip from a small shop in Saint-Émilion. My moonstone earrings from the museum shop at 1066 Battle of Hastings, Abbey and Battleground in south England. The grey pearl pendant and earrings from Birmingham christmas market, and much more.

So next time you go somewhere interesting, buy some jewelry and wear your memories when you get home.

Line Kamhaug Hopmoen