My Paris - Montmartre and Le Marais

I have finally found my Paris. It took me almost four visits, but now that I have found it I just want to stay. For me traveling is much about feelings, not so much about sights. It’s about feeling the place, see the real life there or at least as close as I can get being just a visitor for a few days.

The first two times I visited Paris I liked it, it was great to finally see the Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysees, Notre Dame and so on. But I didn’t see the amazingness, it didn’t go straight to my top list. But now it has. Two years ago I stayed in Montmartre and started to get the right feeling and now I have spent almost a week there. And I will be back. Let me tell you why.

Montmartre is...

Cute cafes, nice restaurants, good, but not the average shopping, narrow streets and local shops filled with cheese, ham, fish, flowers an all you can wish for. Montmartre is also the area where Sacre Coeur is located. The church looks amazing and so is the view from the area. You should eat your lunch and drink a bottle of french vine on the stairs ones. Even though Montmartre has both Sacre Coeur and Moulin Rouge you can easily avoid tourists and it's is easy connected to the rest of Paris with the Metro.

Montmartre gives me the feeling of being in a big city and a small village at the same time. You can feel the local life and really live the Paris way there. 

Some of my favourite places in Montmartre

  • Le Relais Montmartre - cute, well driven, very french hotel with great staff. I have stayed there two times and will be back.
  • Un Zebre - cool and cozy restaurant. Also good for just drinking and a nice atmosphere. Try the duck.
  • Cafe les Deux Moulines - this is the cafe from the movie Amelie (if you have not seen it, do! At least before you go to Paris). Not as touristy as you would think though, a hangout for the locals as well. Nice for a coffee, dessert or as a bar, not the best place for dinner. But it’s a really nice place!
  • Se’bon - great restaurant. Eat dinner there, but you should book ahead, it’s very small.

But there is also Le Marais

Le Marais is a new part of Paris for me. It reminds me of West Village in New York with trendy shops and restaurants surrounded by historic buildings. The weather was really bad the day I visited so I don't have any recommendations. But I still got the good vibes of the area and will definitely explore it more next time. Just walking around imagening who used to live in those amazing buildings gives you a good feeling.

Paris - I can't wait until next time! Here are som pics from Montmartre and Le Marais.