Costa Rica: Monteverde, I bungy jumped!

Bungy jumping has been on my bucket list for a long time, but I haven't really had the chance to do it (and not an extreme urge either).  But Monteverde gave me the opportunity and I did it!

Monteverde in Costa Rica is most of all experiences. Following that, the small town is filled with visitors and so are all the attractions, but you should still go there. I'll get back to why. The main activities I did there was ziplining and bungy jumping + did a chocolate and coffee tour.

The coffee and chocolate tour with Don Juan was very interesting. Costa Rica is one of the main coffee providers to the world (and in Norway we drink loads of it) and on the tour we learned interesting stuff about growing and making both coffee and chocolate. A tour of taste as well as knowledge.

The town of Monteverde isn't much, but there are som nice restaurants. The Treehouse restaurant is both interesting and fun, Amys cousine had great food and Beso Espresso is great for coffee.

But most of all Monteverde is known for the cloud forrest. A beautiful mysterious forrest. I saw it mostly from above, hanging from different ziplines. Because, you can not leave Monteverde without doing the Extremo Canopy tour. I promize you, 3,5 hours and 14 ziplines (you get to be both Superman and Tarzan) is something you will never forget doing. One of the ziplines is 1 kilometer long and the nature views you get during this trail is just amazing!

After the canopy tour my adrenalin level was sky high and I was filled with pure happiness. And THEN it was time for the bungy jump. And not any bungy jump, just the highest one in Central America. 143 meters high. I was scared to death and for a while there it looked like we didn't get to do it because the sun went down, I kind of hoped we missed it...

But we made it. And it was scary, but doing the actual jump went so fast. All of a sudden I was hanging there, watching the sunset up side down. It was not as all as scary as I imagined, it didn't hurt at all. I would totally do it again! Bucket list check! Pura Vida!

Not the best picture, but it's me hanging there!