In 2015 I will travel to...

People see me as a traveller. Whenever I'm back from a trip, they ask me where I'm going next time. I'm not one of those with a long list. I seek inspiration to find out where I want to go next. I often have some idea of what part of the world I want to go to, when (off course) and what kind of trip I want (active trip, big city, beach life etc.). And then I leave it all to the internet.

Except from a couple of work trips I don't have a next trip planned. The travel search engine (and agency) Momondo told me about their blog contest (you can also attend) and their search tool Trip Finder so I decided to try that in my search for the next 2015 travel destination.

I have never tried Momondo before but I really liked it. I can choose to search based on price, type of trip and time. And I a get a easy well designed overview over different destinations and flight costs. I've been wanting to see Argentina and Chile so I checked out cities and Buenos Aires. Moving on to the page about Buenos Aires I got great information about flight prices, information about the city, temperature, hotel options, suggestion for other places to go in Argentina etc. It's easy to go on and on exploring different destinations and combinations. 

I'm not ready to book a trip yet, but I will definitely keep exploring options around Chile and Argentina. It's a type of trip that takes a lot of planning. I want to see Buenos Aires (and do some tango), I want to see Valparaiso in Chile and I want to hike in Patagonia. And to see more of Chile and Argentina. And I want to do it all in one trip.

I will keep exploring the options together with my friend the Internet. I love that kind of planning and exploring, for me that's a part of it all, it gets me more excited about the travel it self. I'm pretty sure I will end up in Argentina/Chile some time during 2015, but who knows, maybe the internet will lead me somewhere else.

A good traveller has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving
— Lao Tzu