Narrow streets, clothes drying in the sun and colorful or tiled houses. Lisboa is nice and cozy, even though many of the tiled houses are tagged down and you can see that Portugal isn't at a good place concerning the economy at the moment.

Sit down at a cafe in the narrow streets of Bairro Alto, drink an Espresso (coffee is good here) and a cherry liqueur (specialty from Lisboa), wander around the streets, see how people live and eat fish for dinner. 

You should do your research when it comes to dining by the way. Avoid the typical tourist restaurants in the area around Praca Dos Restauradores where the goal is to get you in there, give you some food (not very good) and no service. Unfortunately good service is not a mark I would put on Lisboa.

Stuff you should do In Lisboa:

  • Wander the narrow streets of Bairro Alto - loved it!
  • See the view and take a break at Miradouro De Sao Pedeo. Nice area with trees for shadow and a nice English garden.
  • Take the 28-tram. Nice way to see the whole city and cool old trams. But do not make the mistake I did, take the 28 tram and not the tourist trams driving the same tour for five times the price and you can not get off during the ride.
  • See the great Praca Do Comercio og the triumphal arch. There are some nice restaurants there as well.
  • Visit Museu Mude. The museum for modern design and fashion, a great display on the history of furniture design when I was there. And it's free.
  • Belem and other monuments, churches etc. are all great so see some of them.
  • Walk! My favorite tip for almost all cities, except from when you are going to the top of a hill, there is no reason to not walk in Lisboa. The distance is short around the city and there are nice streets and houses to see everywhere. 

Stuff you don't have to do in Lisboa:

  • Shopping. Lisboa is not a great city for shopping. Except if bags made of cork or stuff with rooster prints is your thing you should go somewhere else to do your shopping. 
  • Bring your high heels. There are cobblestone in all the streets and you have to do a bit of walking to see the nice parts of the city.
  • See Lisboa from the sea. It was a refreshing boat trip but you didn't really see anything special and it was very touristy.

A weekend is enough to see have you "have" to see in Lisboa. Even though it is a nice cozy city it's not on my top list, but if you are going to Portugal to see other places as well and visit beaches in the area it's worth spending a couple of days in the capital. 

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