Going to Gothenburg? Liseberg is a must do!

Living in Oslo, the city of Gotheburg in Sweden is only a 3 hour ride away. So waking up on Staurday morning we decided to take a short weekend break and go to Gothenburg to have some fun. Our main goal was the amusement park Liseberg

It was my first trip both to Gothenburg and Liseberg. Having only Saturday night and Sunday morning in the city before heading to the park didn't leave much time for exploring. But I will go back for a longer weekend, because Gothenburg is a small, trendy and beautiful city. We had dinner at the Dim Sum restaurant Hello Monkey and breakfast at Konditori Brogyllen. I can recommend both.


But let's talk amusement park! Liseberg is a bit different than many other parks. It,s actually very cozy with a calm athomsphere. Well... there are off course the long lines and loads of people in the high season, that's hard to avoid, But there are small wooden buildings with shops and kiosks, a small harbour and streets you can stroll along accompagnied by cute swedish music (not Abba, more "Svenska visor"). And the food you can buy there is really good.

And there is the attractions - like Helix - the longest and fastest roller coaster in Scandinavia. And my favourite AtmosFear - the tallest free fall attraction in Europe. Liseberg has attractions for everyone, read about them here.

So - go to Gotheburg and make sure one day is for Liseberg only. Have fun!