One day in Dubrovnik and a "How to "survive" the tourist crowd guide"

Dubrovnik has sceneries that goes straight to my top 5 list of great travel experiences. The wall of the Old City of Dubrovnik is 2 kilometers of them. And if you are a Game of Thrones fan - needless to say. You will love it. It's the Kings Landing! 

Dubrovnik smells of fish, the ocean and Lavender. The food and the wine is great. The sights are many. But Dubrovnik is also filled with cruise tourists and you have to watch out if you don't want to walk down an iPad photographing Japanese or pump into a selfie stick. More about that later.

My hotel was in Babin Kuk, it was nice to stay outside of the city, it was only a 10 minute bussride and to relax with a see view with dinner was a nice way to unwind from the busy city. During my day in Dubrovnik I walked the city wall, I walked through the old town and I had a great lunch at the great traditional fish restaurant Proto. Enough for one day and as I see it what you have to see and do. I wanted to take a ride with the cable car as well but it was closed.

Dubrovnik is really one of the most beautiful cities I have been too. But it's also the one filled with most tourist. I really had to dig deep into my own calmness to enjoy the day rather than let it frustrate me. So I made my self a set of rules to make it work. I think these will work for most people. It worked very well for me!

1. Practice a really slow way of walking. Imagine you have a curious child by your side. This way you can enjoy even more of the scenery and you don't feel the need to pass everyone stopping to take photos ahead of you. 

2. Don't stop to take photos on the spot where everyone else does. There is a pretty good chanche that the sight is even better if you walk a few more meters ahead. 

3. Be happy that you don't come back home with hundreds of selfies or pictures of your friend/boyfriend/wife. After all, that's not what you went to this place to see:) 

4. Step to the side when you want to take a photo. Cause you do want to take them as well. But it's possible to do it without standing in the way of others. 

5. Take a deep breath. It always hjelps. So does a break with a glass of wine:) 


And you should go to Dubrovnik! The views from the city wall is worth it!