Marstein light house - a great escape

This week I visited Marstein light house for a strategy seminar with my job. And it was just such a perfect place to be, a great escape from every day work life to a beautiful exciting island in Hordaland, Norway.

And I finally got to ride in a real rib boat. L O V E D it! The waves were huge on the way out there and when we went home it drove us almost straight to the airport.  

The food was great, the surroundings are amazingly beautiful and the conference facilities was good. I really recommend Marstein if you are taking a small group for a seminar or maybe for a weekend with friends. It's good for groups from 8 to 25 people and is run by Panorama hotel

(This post is NOT sponsored by Panorama hotel).

See for yourself:

Champagne with a view

Champagne with a view

How to get more out of your business travels

Work/volunteer work related travels is actually the reason I'm so hooked on travelling. Almost all of my working career I have been doing some kind of workish related travelling. I have visited most of the 30ish countries I have been to because of that.

One of my first travels like this was to Cyprus. I was in Cyprus for three days and only saw the inside of my hotel. That's when I decided this wasn't the way I wanted it. I wanted to see more of the places I was so lucky to go to. I started to plan these travels so that I stayed an extra night or more. Sometimes just an extra evening to see at least a little bit. 

If you travel much for business you might see it as a hassle, but there is so much you can get out of just those short travels. Here's my advice on how to see more on your business travels:

  • If possible - stay for one extra day or more. Maybe your meeting or conference is on a day close to the weekend, stay the weekend if you can. 
  • Don't want to stay away for too long? Family or work waiting back home maybe? Just by taking a flight a few hours before you have to, you can see much of the place you are going to.
  • Find a central hotel (if you get to decide that yourself). Then you can easily see more of wherever you are.
  • Don't stay at the hotel using room service. Go out to eat or have a drink, go for a walk, explore where you are.
  • Go for a run. Skip the hotel gym, go for a run instead. You get pretty far running and can explore much of the city you're in.
  • Walk. If you can walk from where you stay to your meeting, make the time to do that instead of taking a taxi. Again - you see so much more.
  • Work from a cafe. Doing some work beside the meeting or conference you are going to? Find a cafe with wifi and work from there, it gives you more then sitting at your hotel room.
  • Do some research. It doesn't take much research to get to know a little bit more about the sights and other stuff at the place you are going to. And then it's all so much easier when you get there.

And don't forget - you can also explore cities you have been to before. I have been to London many many times, but I love London. So I try to stay in a new area of the city when I go back and I always get to see something I have not seen before.

Even when I travel for work in Norway I try to get some more out of my trip. This week I went to Bergen, the most beautiful city in Norway. I have been to Bergen many times during the last months, but I still try to get more out of each trip. This time I just travelled there a few hours before I had to and then I had the time to walk a nice evening stroll when I got there. And when I needed to get some work done before going to the airport I went to one of my favorite cafes in Bergen Kaffemisjonen and had my breakfast and worked from there. 

These pictures are from Bergen this week.