How to get more out of your business travels

Work/volunteer work related travels is actually the reason I'm so hooked on travelling. Almost all of my working career I have been doing some kind of workish related travelling. I have visited most of the 30ish countries I have been to because of that.

One of my first travels like this was to Cyprus. I was in Cyprus for three days and only saw the inside of my hotel. That's when I decided this wasn't the way I wanted it. I wanted to see more of the places I was so lucky to go to. I started to plan these travels so that I stayed an extra night or more. Sometimes just an extra evening to see at least a little bit. 

If you travel much for business you might see it as a hassle, but there is so much you can get out of just those short travels. Here's my advice on how to see more on your business travels:

  • If possible - stay for one extra day or more. Maybe your meeting or conference is on a day close to the weekend, stay the weekend if you can. 
  • Don't want to stay away for too long? Family or work waiting back home maybe? Just by taking a flight a few hours before you have to, you can see much of the place you are going to.
  • Find a central hotel (if you get to decide that yourself). Then you can easily see more of wherever you are.
  • Don't stay at the hotel using room service. Go out to eat or have a drink, go for a walk, explore where you are.
  • Go for a run. Skip the hotel gym, go for a run instead. You get pretty far running and can explore much of the city you're in.
  • Walk. If you can walk from where you stay to your meeting, make the time to do that instead of taking a taxi. Again - you see so much more.
  • Work from a cafe. Doing some work beside the meeting or conference you are going to? Find a cafe with wifi and work from there, it gives you more then sitting at your hotel room.
  • Do some research. It doesn't take much research to get to know a little bit more about the sights and other stuff at the place you are going to. And then it's all so much easier when you get there.

And don't forget - you can also explore cities you have been to before. I have been to London many many times, but I love London. So I try to stay in a new area of the city when I go back and I always get to see something I have not seen before.

Even when I travel for work in Norway I try to get some more out of my trip. This week I went to Bergen, the most beautiful city in Norway. I have been to Bergen many times during the last months, but I still try to get more out of each trip. This time I just travelled there a few hours before I had to and then I had the time to walk a nice evening stroll when I got there. And when I needed to get some work done before going to the airport I went to one of my favorite cafes in Bergen Kaffemisjonen and had my breakfast and worked from there. 

These pictures are from Bergen this week.