Jordan – friendly and beautiful

- Wanna ride my Ferrari (donkey) lady? I give you fan and Shakira.
Even the sellers are funny and friendly in Jordan. This was said by a guy I met in amazing Petra. He sold donkey rides. There is something different about Jordan, the people living there also see them selves as different from the people in neighbouring countries. We are more friendly to each other they say. And I really think they are.

Jordan is not only friendly, but beautiful and interesting! You drive through the wildest of landscapes, Petra is a sight amongst very few, the desert is fascinating and The Dead Sea is one of those bucket list experiences. 

But sadly Jordan is taking it’s fall because of the conflicts in the area around. People are scared to travel there (even though it is safe) and it’s very visible – the tourism has gone down drastically since the Arab spring. I hope this will change because Jordan is very worth visiting and I never felt unsafe in any way.

Me and mye friend Kathe was lucky to have our own driver on the 4 day visit to Jordan. This is what we experienced:

The day in Amman was short and also the only day with rain so I’m pretty sure I could have seen the city from a much better side. But the visit to Citadel Amman was really something, beautiful views framed by old ruins. Probably the highlight of Amman. We also visited the Roman Theatre, nice but didn’t take that long.

The Dead Sea
To visit the Dead Sea, most people stay at resorts. So did we. The first day was windy and rainy so we didn’t even get to try the famous water. And there’s not much else to do around the resorts so an evening at the hotel spa was a good choice. But the next day the sun came out. We took the morning bath (it’s actually impossible to swim) in the sea. A very strange and fun experience, it’s kind of like taking an oil bath. A bucket list thing to do there!

The rest of the day was spent in the car, driving through the most wonderful scenery, up on mountains and through small villages. A really good way to see the country. A small hillside cafe with an amazing view and coffee cooked on the stove was a highlight. So was the fresh bread and yoghurt lunch bought by our driver in a local shop along the way.

Ready for the day in Petra, the place most known in Jordan. The ancient city of Petra is one of the world wonders, hidden and forgotten for centuries, only known to the Beduins who lived there, then found by a Swizz explorer in 1812.

We were among the first guests entering that morning. A smart move as we walked through it with vey few people getting in way of our massive photo action:) Later on the way back it was way more crowded.

What to say about Petra, it’s fascinating and beautiful, the colors, the lights, the histories! Even though they very often don’t know the real story. Maybe it happened like this, maybe not, our guide kept saying. It is really a must see, charge your camera batteries, bring good shoes and water, spend the day. And start early.

Wadi Rum Desert
This experience got it’s own blog post.

One day at a resort in Aqaba was our last stop before returning to Amman flying home. Aqaba is the nice place to rest for a day or more after the sandy desert experience. It’s beach time!

Thank you Jordan for a friendly experience filled with beauty and wonders!

My trip around Jordan was sponsored by Sherazade Travel. But my opinions are off course my own.

Some pictures below, more here.