That airport feeling

I love airports. Well, some of them are not that nice, but it's the feeling I get when I'm at an airport I love. Knowing that I'm travelling somewhere, looking at other people and the feelings they show: the joy of meeting again, the wanderlust. I feel that I'm ready for the whole world.

Some people are going home, others leaving for a great adventure, the long awaited beach holiday, or just a business travel to another city, another country. Listening to all the languages around me, looking at the smiles, the travel habits. It makes me feel good.

It inspires me to see the planes take off and land, to imagine the stories behind all the travellers. Airports make me think. 

I have some pretty bad airport experiences off course (who doesn't). I have missed flights, I have felt lost running for my transfer, I have waited way to long at boring airports. But sometimes even the long waits feel good. I spent the night at Bombay airport in India once. All by my self, first time in India, tired but excited. It was my first meeting with India and I loved it. 

There are so many feeling at an airport: excitement, anger, joy, anticipation, frustration... I like to observe, dream, go! And then there's my feeling, my excitement. Even though I'm just going to another city for a business meeting, I feel good at airports. 

Not feeling the same way, are airports just stressful to you? Try being there earlier (most of them have wifi so you can work if you have to), try observing, imagining, take it all in. It doesn't have to be stressful that way. 

Just looking at the departures, dreaming of new destinations...