My top 3 summer activities in Norway

No need to spend that vacation time anywhere else, Norway is great in the summertime (and wintertime). Maybe not on rainy days, but what place is? There is so much to do and explore. These are my top 3 things to do:

I love hiking and Norway has many many hundred opportunities. Like hiking Besseggen, exploring the area of Hemsedal, hiking Saksa in Urke, hiking in Oslomarka or one of the many many other hikes. This website gives you information about almost all possible hikes in Norway. Did you know that you can camp anywhere in Norway? Forget what you heard about Norway being to expensive to go to. Bring your tent and the options are almost unlimited.

You can rent a kayak almost anywhere these days. How about kayaking a fjord? The lakes in Oslo are also great and kayaking in Lofoten is on my top list of things to do some time.

Oslo - exploring, hanging on the islands or in the park. 
Oslo is a great city in the summer! There is so much to explore and so many great places to eat, check out this crowd sourced guide. Wanna take a swim in the city center? Check out Sørenga. Like parks? My favourite is Slottsparken. Or take a ferry out to one of the surrounding islands, like Langøyene. We bring a slackline and a barbecue to go and hop on the boat after work.

Enjoy summer in Norway!