Getting lost will help you find yourself - Travel often

You will find these words in the Holstee Manifesto (see below) and it's exactly the same message as I want to share with Travel And Get Lost. You have most likely seen the manifesto before as a poster somewhere. You probably didn't reflect on what was behind it, thinking of it as just another poster with some life wisdom.

But the story is quite different. I once heard the two guys behind it tell the story at a conference. They were just two young guys in New York wanting to do something else with their life. They decided to make a webshop  with "Lifestyle design with a conscience." The manifesto was just made as manifesto for them self on how they wanted to live their life and run their shop. 

I also spoke with one of the guys after the talk. Their webshop and particularly the manifesto is a pretty big success now and he told me that they were both a bit taken by it. Their original plan was just to live the way they wanted to live, selling products with a conscience.  You should check out the shop.

And remember TRAVEL OFTEN. Getting lost will help you find yourself.