Travelling and home sweet home

One of the effects of travelling is the fact that I appreciate so much more what I have back home. I love exploring new countries, understanding other cultures, seeing new things and meeting new people. But it also makes me understand how lucky I am, what I have where I live.

Off course growing up and living in Norway is pretty good because it's a democratic and wealthy country with benefits others can just dream about. But what I appreciate the most is the beautiful nature we have. I live in Oslo and today I have been walking in the nature (Østmarka) for hours and I started just outside my own door. The closeness to the nature is great about Oslo.

But even more I love the place where I grew up (Urke in Ørsta, Sunnmøre), one of the most beautiful places in Norway, between mountains and fjords. I actually had to move away to understand how beautiful it is and I understand it even more after travelling.

I was standing on a mountain top in Peru (4000 meters above the sea, the highest I have ever been), and the local guide proudly asks me; Isn't this the most beautiful view ever? I didn't know what to say, because it was truly beautiful, but I have seen something even more amazing, at home sweet home.

I'm so grateful that I can travel the world, learning about the world and seeing new places the way I do, but I will always love home sweet home the most.

This picture is from the mountain Saksa in Urke, I grew up in the village you see at the foot of the mountain.

My sanctuary

My sanctuary