That feeling

When you first arrive at a new destination. The first view on the way to your accomodation and when you walk out to the streets for the first time. I love it!

When I come to a big city I get this great feeling immideatly, even though I have been there before. I think it has to do with all the people I see, just belonging there. I really felt good when I arrived in Berlin, Germany this summer. 

It was the day after they won the world championship in football. People were happy, walking down the street laughing and drinking beer. It was warm outside, my hotel was really cool (Michelberger hotel) and the area it was in as well. It all just made me smile and wish I lived there. It must have been visible, my happiness, because the restaurant even gave me free drinks. 

Berlin - always so fun and relaxed at the same time. 



Berlin sky line.